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Setting Up the Game

Setting up your game is the last step that you will need to take. After that, the rest of the work is done for you! Shown below is an image of what the game setup window looks like...

Setting up a game consists of the Bet Configuration you'd like to use, along with your Play Balance, Profit Goal, Play Time and Minimum Wager. You can also set up a Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss for your game which will help you protect your bankroll. First though, we will talk about the Bet Configuration.

Bet Configuration

Your Bet Configurations are simply the bet types and wager sequences that you'd like to use for each of the bet types throughout your game. You may choose to use the default Da-Vinci Bet Configurations by checking the Default Mode checkbox. With the Default Mode, you will be able to select which bet types you'd like to use, but you won't be able to update the wager sequences. To do this, check the Custom Mode checkbox. Up on doing so, you will be able to update which bet types you'd like to use and which wager sequence each of the bet types will have.

To explain the wager sequences a bit better, consider the following example...

I select the Dozens, Rows and Red/Black bet types and I give the Dozens a wager sequence of 1-3-9-27-81-243. What this means is that whenever I make a loss at the roulette table, my starting bet will be multiplied by the following number in the sequence. So if my starting bet was 1 unit and I lost, the next bet according to the sequence would be 3 units - (1 * 3). If I lost again, the next bet would be 9 units - (1 * 9). Whenever I win, the wager sequence will start from the beginning.

Note:When entering your custom wager sequences, it is important that you separate each of the numbers with a dash (-). So for a wager sequence of 1, 3, 2 and 4, you would enter 1-3-2-4.

You may select as many bet types as you wish. You can choose just 1, or all 5 if you want to. No matter how many you select, Da-Vinci will always ensure it follows a sound strategy for that section of the roulette table.

Game Settings

The Game Settings section is for setting up your Play Balance, Profit Goal, Play Time and Minimum Wager. You may also choose to specify a Stop Loss / Trailing Stop Loss from this section; something we do recommend to help protect your bankroll. For more details on each of the Game Settings, please refer to the table shown below:

Play Balance The Play Balance field is where you input the amount you are playing with at the online casino. So for example, if you deposited $50, then you'd input this in to the Play Balance field (without the currency symbol).
Profit Goal The Profit Goal field is where you input the amount you'd like to win at the online casinos roulette table. For example, if you wanted to win $100, or whatever that may be in your currency, then you'd input this in to the Profit Goal field (without the currency symbol). When you're goal has been reached, the Da-Vinci Roulette Calculator will notify you.
Play Time The Play Time field is where you choose how long you'd like to play for at the online casino. This can be anything from 1 minute to 60 minutes. Once your times up, the Da-Vinci Roulette Calculator will notify you.
Minimum Wager Your minimum wager is where you choose how much you'd like each chip value to be worth. This can be anything from $1 - $100, or whatever that may be in your currency. If you chose $1 as the Min. Wager for your game, then each chip on the table will amount to this exact value. So if there were 3 chips on the table, that would be $3.
Stop Loss When you set a Stop Loss, the Da-Vinci Roulette Calculator will stop the game completely when your specified loss has been reached. So if I wanted to stop the game as soon as I've lost $100, then I'd enter this in to the Stop Loss text field (without the currency symbol).
Trailing Stop Loss You also have the option of setting up a Trailing Stop Loss which is more-or-less the same as the Stop Loss but with a profiting twist. As you make gains throughout the game, your Trailing Stop Loss will increase, and when you make losses, it will decrease. For example, if I had a play balance of $200 and I specified a Trailing Stop Loss of $50 and I won $5 from a spin, then my Trailing Stop Loss would become $55. If on the other hand I lost $5, then my Trailing Stop Loss would become $45.

Once you've setup your Bet Configurations and Game Settings, the last part is to specify which currency you'd like to use and if you'd like to use Automatic Betting or Manual Betting. If your currency isn't listed in the currency drop down, then please use the best alternative.

The Play Using "Fast Play" checkbox is for fast play roulette, which basically means the spin rate is much quicker than the standard. Please note however, that not all casinos support Fast Play. To find out if the casino you want to play with supports Fast Play, then you can do so by clicking on the Menu / Options button on the European Roulette table. The options window should look something like this (Mansion Casino):

If you want to use Fast Play, then activate the Fast Play option as highlighted in the above image before clicking the OK button and then check the Play Using "Fast Play" checkbox on the Da-Vinci Settings Window. If Fast Play isn't supported at the casino you are setting up, then you must play via the standard option (don't check the Fast Play checkbox).

Reasons to use Da-Vinci Roulette Bot...

  • Earn money online from the comfort of your home whenever you like.
  • It's completely free to download and super easy to install.
  • Betting is fully automated. All the work is done for you.
  • Your play balance, profit and betting history are shown in real-time.
  • We've included a bunch of reputable online casinos that you can use.
  • You can play using free-play before you decide to start playing for real.

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Hi guys! I've have been using Da-Vinci Roulette since last month now and I'm very impressed at how well it works at the online casinos. I've already raked in £2000+ from William Hill and Euro Grand using this software and I will keep on going. Great job and thank you so much. ATB from the U.K.

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I am just sending you an e-mail here to give a massive thank you for your software. And I mean a REALLY BIG one! To begin with I was very hesitant as I've tried a few of these roulette systems before and every one of them failed on me at one point or another, but I thought "what the heck" and I'm so glad I did as with the Da-Vinci software, it makes being beaten by the casinos impossible. That is why I love it so much.

Posted by   Katy Williams - United States
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